ZestMoney Refers and Earn Program Review

ZestMoney Refer and Earn: If you are a ZestMoney user, and satisfied with ZestMoney, then you will definitely find out how Zestmoney’s referral program works. Actually, ZestMoney does not have any referral program. In the year 2018, ZestMoney refers & earn program started. After that, it was discontinued till now.

Each company’s marketing strategy is different. ZestMoney has started advertising through direct Google Ads without paying attention to Refer and Earn. Perhaps, this method is right for ZestMoney. In today’s world, Google Ads is one of the best ways to maximize customer acquisition.

ZestMoney Refers & Earn Program

Zestmoney Refers and Earn

After login into the ZestMoney web portal you will get a link in the footer “Refer & Earn”, after clicking on it, redirects to the above image. When I talked to the customer care executives on this subject, I came to know that I am not eligible for the Refer and Earn program.

Has the same happened to you? Do tell in the comment.

ZestMoney Review

You can’t earn from ZestMoney Refer and Earn program.

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