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PNB CSP Commission Chart: Punjab National Bank (PNB) is an Indian Govt bank that provides a variety of financial products and services to its customers. In Punjab National Bank provides the Customer Service Point (CSP) program! which allows individuals and small businesses to act as PNB agents and provide various banking services to their communities. Punjab National Bank pays CSP agents a commission for their services as part of this program! and the commission rates vary depending on the type of service provided.

Punjab National Bank CSP Commission

PNB CSP Commission Chart

The PNB CSP commission chart lists the various services that can be provided through the CSP program! as well as the corresponding commission rates. The CSP program can provide services such as opening new bank accounts! depositing and withdrawing money, issuing and cashing checks, and transferring funds. The commission rates for these services are usually calculated by the number of transactions! and the amount of money involved in each transaction.

In addition to standard banking commission rates! the PNB CSP commission chart includes rates for special services such as insurance and mutual fund transactions. Because these services require more time and expertise to complete, these rates may be higher than standard commission rates.

CSP agents must understand the Punjab National Bank CSP Commission Chart! in order to properly calculate their earnings and ensure that they are being fairly getting commission for their services. PNB also offers CSP agents training and support to help them! to understand the commission rates and services they can offer their customers.

Overall, the PNB CSP commission chart is an important tool for CSP agents! to understand and use in order to provide banking services to their communities effectively and efficiently while earning a fair commission for their efforts.

Punjab National Bank CSP Commission Chart

Account OpeningRs 20 Re 10 at the time of account opening & 10 after min balance Rs 100 in the account opened
TDR/RD openingRs 5 per account, if auto-renewal flag ‘Y’ rs 7 per account
A cash deposit (own Bank)40% of the transaction amount with max. Rs 50/- per account per day.
A cash deposit (another bank AEPS/Rupay card)25% of the transaction amount with max. Rs 12/- per transaction per day.
Cash withdrawal (on us)40% of the transaction amount with max. Rs 50/ per account per day.
Cash withdrawal (off us)25% of the transaction amount with max. Rs 12/- per account per day.
Fund transfer (own bank)40% (max of Rs 10/-)
Fund transfer (other Bank – AEPS/Rupay card )40% (max of Rs 10/-)
IMPS40% of the transaction amount with a max of Rs 50/- per account per day.
Indo Nepal remittances Charges40% of the transaction amount with a max of Rs 50/- per account per day.
Balance inquiry (own bank)Nil
Balance inquiry (other banks)NIl
Mini statementNil
Enroll for micro accidental death insurance (PMSBY)Rs 1/per enrolment.
Enroll for micro life insurance (PMSBY)Rs 30/ per enrolment
Enroll in the social security pension scheme (APY)Rs 50/- per enrolment or Rs 60 per APY abinitio after the target of 60 APY is achieved by BCA.
Aadhaar seeding through biometrics onlyRs 5/-
SHG & JLG: For formation & promotion, including credit linkageRs 300/- at the time of savings linkage Rs 300/- after 4 months of savings linkage and Rs 400/- after credit linkage.
Renew TD/RDRs 2 per account, if auto-renewal Flag ‘Y’ Rs 5.
NEFT40% of transactions are subject to max Rs 10/-
Mobile SeedingRs 5/- per seeding
Passbook UpdateRs 5/- per passbook per day.
Cheque collectionRs 5/- per account.
Request new checkbookRs 5/- per account.
Stop payment of ChequeRs 5/- per account.
Cheque status inquiryNil
Request for SMS alert/ email statement (if mobile no./ email is already registered)Rs 5/- per account.
BBPSRs 5/- per bill.
Apply for RuPay debit cards (> 6 months old account)Rs 5/- per account.
Block debit cardRs 5/- per account.
Pension life certificate authentication through Jeevan Praman (Aadhaar enabled)Rs 5/- per certificate authentication through Jeevan Praman (Aadhaar enabled)
SUKANYA Samriddhi Scheme EnrollmentRs 10/ per enrolment
PPF account openingRs 10/ per account.
Recovery/ collection up to bank-approved limitsAs per Board approved policy of the SASTRA Division:
For the NPA account 5% on the amount of recovery
For SMA II account 2.50% of the irregular amount.

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