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How to use EMI Calculator.

  • Select the Loan Amount you require. Example:- If you want a loan of Rs 2 lakhs then select Rs 2 lakhs.
  • Select the Interest Rate to be charged on your loan amount. Example:- I think that I will get 10% interest on the loan amount taken, so I will choose 10%.
  • Select the Time Period for which you will repay your loan amount. Example:- If I have to borrow an amount of Rs 2 lakhs in installments of 24 months, then I will select 24 months.
  • Then the EMI calculator will tell you how much installment of your loan you will get as per your selection.
  • Whether you are buying a house, a car, or taking a loan for any personal purpose, do not forget to know the installment of your loan by using this EMI calculator.

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