CSC POS Software With Aadhaar Pay

CSC POS Software is an all-in-one software-based point of sale software that will be available soon. All payment options, including Aadhaar Pay, will be available on the CSC Point of Sale Device. It works on a smartphone. No separate device, no rental, and a minimum MDR. Ideal for small businesses.

As you are all aware, nowadays, if you get any bank’s Point of Sale Device installed. So you have to pay a monthly rental fee. As a result, small shopkeepers whose payment transactions are less than POs are here! This monthly rental fee becomes a burden for them! However, with CSC Pos. You do not need to keep any device separately, nor do you need to pay monthly rentals, so you can easily get CSC Point of Sale Software Registration done at your shop.

What are the benefits of CSC POS Software (Point of Sale)

  • Multiple Payment Solutions
  • Aadhaar Pay with Fingerprint Works on Smartphones No Separate POS Device No Rental Fees & Minimum MDR
  • Ideal for small businesses.
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